Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Re: Criminal Conspiracy to Violate Federal Civil Rights and Anti-Racketeering Laws

John B. Thompson, Attorney at Law
1172 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 111
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

April 9, 2008

The Honorable Gregory Robert Miller
US Attorney, Northern District of Florida
111 N. Adams Street, 4th Floor
Tallahassee, FL 32301 Via Fax to 850-942-9577

The Honorable Robert E. O'Neill
US Attorney, Middle District of Florida
400 North Tampa Street, Suite 3200
Tampa, FL 33602 Via Fax to 813-274-6246

The Honorable R. Alexander Acosta
US Attorney, Southern District of Florida
99 NE 4th Street
Miami, FL 33132 Via Fax to 305-530-7087

Re: Criminal Conspiracy to Violate Federal Civil Rights and Anti-Racketeering Laws

Dear Mr. Miller, Mr. O’Neill, and Mr. Acosta:

I wrote you thirty days ago and under oath informed each of you of an ongoing criminal conspiracy by certain state officials to violate not just my civil rights but the rights of others. As you recall, I signed the letter to each of you under oath.

Since then, The Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court have proven the validity of my letter and the request I made of each of you.

The Supreme Court has now retaliated against my lawyer by initiating lunacy proceedings against him with an order it entered April 2. Prior to that, The Florida Bar stole his medical records in order to try to intimidate him from representing me. The Supreme Court, the day after it entered the April 2 order against my attorney who assisted me at my Bar trial, entered an order prohibiting me from representing myself, which order violates my Sixth Amendment right to represent myself, as enunciated by the U.S. Supreme Court in Faretta.

The Court is telling me that I, a lawyer of 31 years in continuous good standing with The Bar, rated A/V by Martindale, and someone who secured a number of historic firsts, can represent clients but not myself. Maybe the Justices are the ones in need of a psychiatric intervention.

On April 7, just this week, my Comcast e-mail account was “hacked,” and it appears to me and to others that the culprit was The Florida Bar. The Bar had previously intercepted, it appears, an electronic communication between me and my lawyer. If so, both instances constitute a serious federal crime.

Gentlemen, when did the State of Florida become the gulag Archipelago? The President of The Florida Bar, Frank Angones, who claims he was part of the Pedro Pan airlift out of Castro’s Cuba, has knowingly approved The Bar’s use of phony lunacy proceedings to intimidate critics. The above-noted April 2 order secured by The Bar is just the latest event that shows The Bar and the Court have adopted the shrink-our-critics methods of Fidel Castro. There are multiple victims of this criminal use of lunacy proceedings against lawyers who are willing to talk to the FBI. I have their names. They want to talk to the FBI.

The Bar did this to me as well, threatening me with a mandatory mental health examination to try to coerce my compliance with The Bar. One of The Bar’s own experts is a forensic psychologist who has told The Bar this was outrageous and meritless.

Bar Governor Ben Kuehne, who is under indictment by the US Justice Department, is involved in this criminal conspiracy. He transferred money to my Bar referee on the same day that a Bar prosecutor did the same thing. When I sought federal relief in U.S. District Court here in the Southern District for The Bar’s excesses, Miami lawyer Steve Chaykin increased twelve-fold the punishment The Bar sought. Such retribution is itself a federal crime, and Chaykin should be charged. I’m sure Bill Sadowki would have been proud of Comrade Chaykin.

Despite your forwarding this matter, Mr. Acosta, to the FBI, the FBI has done nothing and refuses to talk to me.

With all respect, either the FBI takes this seriously—the computer hacking, the criminal use of lunacy proceedings, the whole nine yards of Castro’s dump truck of tricks—or I and others will do what we need to do.

Mr. Acosta, the last time this flared up, the FBI did open a criminal investigation, headed by FBI Agent Swinerton, and you let it be shut down apparently by political friends of President Bush inconvenienced by the investigation. I know you have been reading my e-mails updating you on this criminal activity. I have your e-mail receipts proving that you have read them.

Regards, Jack Thompson

Copy: United States Senator Patrick Leahy, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee


Anonymous said...

That makes many of us, but in my own case every single minute of the day, nonstop after 1999.

See full crimes

Premeditated racketeering in women and children. Attempted kidnapping, cult and microwave stalking, using CIA, DEA set up in 1995 under Clitnon and premeditated illegal questioning and never ending surveillance.

Extreme weapons, microwave weapons, multiple weapons and using of CIA,

DEA drugging, nerve agents

Chemical plant leaks (while other plants across the country were

sabotaged, energy department firings, labs and radiation firings again;

all firings of those involved

From March 2004, continued using the airport, used the Chief of Police

(Jan) for blocking it to set up radiation and other spraying with 1)

military planes on video and tape, 2) then later used gangs for the

airforce 'training' and spraying overhead, and then 3) after taking the photos of that and retaliating on me for reporting high powered weapons, radiation, chemical attacks

Threats, retaliation by Meyers knowing that spouse was going in extreme circles and for reporting the crimes again

Downloads and nonstop computer cyber crimes (while having changed all agents, in ever department including cyberwarfare to attempt to cover up their crimes) on my computer and any

attempt at fabricating daily 'investigations' nonstop from this time

Near death from 2006, to 2008, again only coming out of near death by microwave weapons and other agents in January and being forced to stay broke

Using every tactic through racketeering and gangs, and denying they are doing it, hiring people each time, using arguments over their crimes as for more crimes, more lies, and obstructing justice for

total destruction and to cover up their lies and attemtped, premeditated murder

Blocking spouse, relentlessly each week from 1994, using chemicals to cause him to go in circles, memory lapses, which she mentioned and other things

Writings even by son on attempts at 'experimentation' and on his parents 'might be murdered' and 'satanic' pictures; prior to discussing any kind of injustice to him regarding the events.

Anonymous said...

While there have been over 10 million arrests, indictments, including senators, attorneys, judges, police, police chiefs, including in my own case, this crime of racketeering and obstructions never end. Including murders on our own agents and those listed prior in a total racketeering bribe line. They are now indicting prison guards for murder but setting up more crimes using most likely those they 'could' use in crime in our military and other areas again.
total obstructions of justice even to file

S. (Cameron) Honaker

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