Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Re: Request for RICO Investigation

October 30, 2007

Mr. R. Alexander Acosta
United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida
99 Northeast 4th Street
Miami, Florida 33132


Re: Request for RICO Investigation

Dear United States Attorney Acosta:

It is my belief that I am a victim of Criminal RICO violations that occurred in the bankruptcy of Baron’s Stores, Inc., Case No. 97-25645-BKC-PGH.

This bankruptcy which was filed on September 9, 1997, and closed on December 10, 1999, was the subject of an evidentiary hearing that took place in January, 2007 before Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr. The evidentiary hearing was ordered by Judge Hyman based on an Emergency Motion which I filed, Pro Se, alleging that “fraud on the court” had been perpetrated by three attorneys - Ronald C. Kopplow, Esq., Marc Cooper, Esq. and Sonya Salkin, Esq.[1] during the opened bankruptcy period. The evidentiary hearing resulted in a finding by Judge Hyman that no fraud on the court had occurred. That finding is now on Appeal before the Honorable Cecilia M. Altonaga, Case No.: 07-cv-60770-ALTONAGA/TURNOFF.

In addition to all the evidence presented at the evidentiary hearing, new information has been discovered, through contact with other individuals having proceedings before Judge Hyman, that leads me to request a racketeering enterprise investigation be initiated. I fully recognize that this is a sensitive criminal matter involving corrupt action by a bankruptcy judge.[2] That being said, facts or circumstances reasonably indicate that Judge Hyman, Ronald Kopplow, Marc Cooper and Sonya Salkin are engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity as defined in the RICO statute, 18 USC §1961 (5). I have evidence that criminal acts have been committed by Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr., Ronald C. Kopplow, Esq., Marc Cooper, Esq. and Sonya L. Salkin, Esq. Indictable acts under the following provisions of Title 18, United States Code sections:

1503 Obstruction of Justice
1510 Obstruction of Criminal Investigation
1952 Racketeering (Criminal acts of judicial misconduct, fraud on the court, perjury, violations of the Borah Act, and Misprision by a U.S. Trustee [3]and other members of the bankruptcy bar[4] in addition to other Part 1, Crimes under Chapter 9 - Bankruptcy are part and parcel of the Racketeering activity).

I believe this constitutes a criminal RICO violation because:

- The criminal acts constitute a “pattern” of criminal activity because they are related and continuous.

- The criminal acts are related because they involve the same victims, the Debtor, Baron’s Stores, Inc., and the Creditors of Baron’s Stores, Inc.

- The criminal acts are committed in the same method - i.e. with the assistance of Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr. through obstruction of a criminal investigation and obstruction of justice.

- The criminal acts involve the same participants - Judge Hyman, Kopplow, Cooper and Salkin.

- The criminal acts are continuous as they have occurred over a substantial period of time, at least since August 31, 1998 and pose the threat of indefinite duration as the criminal behavior is ongoing and is evidenced as late as January, 31, 2007.

- This is a criminal enterprise of associated individuals - Kopplow, Cooper and Salkin, and their facilitator, Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr. These are three unrelated attorneys but for this enterprise. The Judge is unrelated but for allowing and thereby facilitating the criminal acts of these associated individuals.

- The common purpose is illegal enrichment at the expense of the Debtor and the Creditors.

This criminal enterprise is wholly analogous to the Mafia. Judge Hyman operates as the Godfather while the racketeering activity is carried on in his Court with his knowledge, acquiescence and protection.

I am familiar with the E.S. Bankest/Banco Espirito Santo matter, wherein you were quoted as saying after the sentencing of Hector Orlansky that the “20-year sentence is an important benchmark to our business community that honesty and integrity in commercial dealings must be protected, and that those who cheat face serious consequences” and “those who break the law for their personal or business advantage will face serious consequences. Justice was served.” I hope greater attention will be given this matter because when members of the legal profession, and more incredibly those that serve in the judiciary, abuse their position to protect themselves and their cronies, while destroying the lives of hard working innocent people nothing less than the harshest of punishments should be pursued.

In addition to this request for a RICO investigation, on October 8, 2007, I filed a Judicial Complaint against Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr. in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals alleging judicial misconduct that encompasses all of the facts and circumstances related to Judge Hyman’s misconduct in the bankruptcy of Baron’s and in the reopening of the bankruptcy for “fraud on the court” up to and including the three day evidentiary hearing. I have taken the liberty of enclosing a copy of the Complaint along with the Statement, Witness List and Exhibit List. The Exhibits are available to you and will be produced immediately upon your request.

Very truly yours,

Meryl M. Lanson

Enclosures: Judicial Complaint against Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr. including Witness List and Exhibit List

cc: Clifford J. White, III, Director
Executive Office for United States Trustees, Washington, D.C.

[1] Sonya Salkin is also a Region 21 Panel Trustee and has been at least since 1997.
[2] I am fully aware of the connections, “political” or otherwise and enumerate those I am aware of herein. In or about 1979, Judge Hyman was an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. Marc Cooper’s law partner at Colson Hicks, Roberto Martinez, was the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida from 1992 - 1993. In addition, Marc Cooper’s law partner at Colson Hicks, Dean Colson, was a law clerk for the late Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, William H. Rehnquist. Furthermore, Mr. Colson served along side the now Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts, and also served as Chief Justice Roberts best man at his wedding
[3] Ramona Elliott, the Assistant U.S. Trustee for Region 21 in the bankruptcy of Baron’s, remained silent during the proceedings even though having knowledge of criminal activity. Ramona Elliott is currently employed within the Trustee Program at the Executive Office for United States Trustees in Washington, D.C.
[4] Other members of the bankruptcy bar who remained silent appear on the Witness List attached to my Judicial Complaint against Judge Paul G. Hyman, Jr.


Anonymous said...

The U.S. Trustee's Office for Region 21 continually remains silent to protect their Panel 7 Trustees. The U.S. Trustee's Office even when given information will hide their heads in the sand. They will even allow Panel 7 Trustees and the professional law firms they retain, not limited to heads of Bankruptcy Bar, to sleep with each other and not disclose as long as the monies are generated to the Panel 7 Trustees and the attorneys they retain. The creditors, debtors and other professionals in the matters will be harmed as long as the Panel 7 Trustees and the U.S. Trustee Office for Region 21 continue their cover-ups for the financial profit of the bankruptcy attorneys and Panel 7 Trustees in Region 21. This is a pattern.

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