Wednesday, October 31, 2007



A - 343/344 - (Interrogatories by Special Counsel Response to Interrogatories)

B - 415 - (Motion for Protective Order by Special Counsel
including Attachments and Exhibits)

C - 452 - (Transcript of September 29, 2006 Hearing on
Motion for Protective Order )

D - 52, 53, 94 [3] - (Order Approving Employment of Ronald C. Kopplow, Order Approving Employment of Marc Cooper, Order Approving Employment of Sonya Salkin)

E - 168 - (Order Granting Motion for Approval of Settlement Of Debtor’s Litigation Against Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Co., P.A.[4] )

F - 243, 268[5] - (Application by Lawrence C. Gottlieb for Creditor Committee for Compensation, and Order Granting Application for Compensation Fees and Expenses - Lawrence C. Gottlieb, Esq. )

G - 222 - (Affidavit by Creditor Norman Lanson, Creditor Meryl Lanson in Opposition to Ronald C. Kopplow’s and Marc Cooper’s Motion to Determine Entitlement to Attorneys’ Fees)

H - 224 - (Order Ruling on Motion to Determine Entitlement To Attorneys’ Fees by Marc Cooper, Ronald C. Kopplow)

I - 447 - (Order Bifurcating Fraud Hearing and Agreed Order Denying Motion for Protective Order)

J - 346 - (Notice of Filing Request for Fiduciary Assistance by Creditor Norman Lanson, and Creditor Meryl Lanson)

K - 414, 418 - (Interim Report No. 1 Filed by Interested Party Meryl Lanson, and Trustee’s Reorganized Debtor’s Interim Report No. 2 Filed by Interested Party) Meryl Lanson

L - 543, 544, 545 (Transcript of January 29, 30, 31, 2007 - Volume I, Volume II, Volume III - Trial[6] Excerpt from Appellee’s Response to Appellant’s Brief which Appellee’s quote Judge Hyman, acting as a witness, during the Trial wherein he presided, indicating he signed the wrong Order)

M[7] - (Plaintiff’s Motion for Combined Evidentiary and “Martinsen” Hearing to Determine that the Defendants Did Willfully Misrepresent Material Facts in Official Court Proceedings in a Way and a Manner to Materially Effect the Litigation Both in the Bankruptcy Court and in the Instant Action)

N[8] - (Plaintiff’s Chronology of Defendants’ Conflicts and Fraud Filed as a Supplement to: Plaintiff’s Motion for Combined Evidentiary and “Martinsen” Hearing, Etc. )

O - (Docket Report - U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida (Fort Lauderdale) Bankruptcy Petition #:97-25645-PGH )

P - (Oral Presentation by Meryl M. Lanson, Pro Se United States District Court Southern District of Florida - September 11, 2007 )

[1]Any Exhibits not provided in hard copy, and referred to pursuant to Docket Entry Number, shall be located and furnished upon request if the Judicial Council will not accept the Docket Entry as proof of Exhibit.
[2]For the ready review of the Judicial Council, a copy of the entire docket is included in this Complaint as Exhibit O.
[3]A copy of Order Granting Motion to Employ Sonya Salkin, Esq. shall be referred to pursuant to Docket Entry No. 94.
[4]The handwritten wording of Sonya Salkin, Esq. relating to the attorneys’ fees and costs was in lieu of a Rule 2016 Statement.
[5]Order Granting Application for Compensation - Fees and Expenses - Lawrence C. Gottlieb, Esq. shall be referred pursuant to Docket Entry No. 268.
[6]The Transcripts from the Trial are not incorporated herein - only identified through the Docket Number. The excerpt of Judge Hyman’s testimony during trial is incorporated by way of Appellee’s Response to Appellant’s Brief.
[7]This document, part of the court record, is provided to the Judicial Council for an easy understandable read as to what transpired in the 1997 Bankruptcy of Baron’s which ultimately was the reason that Judge Hyman re-opened the bankruptcy case for “fraud on the court.”
[8]Supplement as to Exhibit M - footnote 7.


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